I wanted to do something a bit different this week for Throwback Thursday.  I decided to pick 3 of my favorite and popular songs from when I was growing up.  I'm going to apologize right now for them. I'm sorry.  This will show you what a dork I was and it's a bit embarrassing.

1. Extreme-More Than Words-  Love, loved this song in 6th grade.  In fact I think I was infatuated with a boy when this song came out and I listened to it non stop.  Here it is for your own listening pleasure(or not).


2. Coolio ft. L.V.- Gansta's Paradise- Oh..this one hurts to put on here.  But in highschool this was quite popular for a time.  Nothing funnier now, then thinking of the young cowboy'ish guys I hung out with rockin out to this song.  In fact, I'm smiling just thinking about it  now. 

3. Bone Thug's N Harmony-Crossroads- I had friends that really liked this song.  I wasn't  big fan. I really didn't like rap a whole lot or anything like it for that matter.  I like heavy metal, country and chick music. Ha, ha.  Weird combo, right?

Well what do you think of this weeks Throwback Thursday picks?  Nice to mix it up a bit right?  I hope so.  I had fun picking these out and listening to them. I hope you did as well.  As always, feel free to comment below and give suggestions for next week!