It seems like every year I procrastinate until the very last minute to put in my big game applications. This year is no exception. It just dawned on me that I need to get mine in if I have any intention on drawing a special permit for 2016.

If you are looking to put in for special permits, your first order of business is to go and buy your tags. I got the "Sportsman w bear" bundle. That took care of everything I needed to apply and also added a bear tag to the mix.

Your next step will be to jump online and apply. You can try to mail in the paper application, but it will need to be postmarked for today for it to work. Otherwise, I would prefer to do it online. Your application will get filed immediately and it doesn't involve a mad dash to the Post Office. Plus, you have until midnight to apply online.

Keep in mind that today's deadline is for elk special permits and deer. If you are looking to apply for pronghorn or elk b tags, that deadline is not until June 1st.