Going through a war can be a very scary time. It can be a time where happiness is not around every corner so when you do find those times, you need to capture them for all time.

WWII happened from 1939 to 1945 and found plenty of hardships nationwide. In Montana, 3 out of every 20 left to serve in some capacity and others were making around $7.75 a day working at places like West Coast Factories. Making the most at home was very important so it's a treasure to find some things in life being normal during that time.

Thanks to Only In Your State we have 5 rare photos taken in Montana during WWII.


  • Arthur Rothstein / yale.edu

    Cowgirls marched at Billings' annual Go Western Parade in 1939.

  • Arthur Rothstein / yale.edu

    The carnival carried on in Bozeman in 1939.

  • Arthur Rothstein / yale.edu

    Cowboys in Miles City were riding bucking horses in 1939.

  • Arthur Rothstein / yale.edu

    Stockman Bar in Miles City became a gathering place for locals to hang out & talk.

  • Arthur Rothstein / yale.edu

    Gamblers at a bar in Birney shows people trying to live their lives as normal.