Have you heard of Gary Steele? He is a Montana man with a goal of helping others learn primitive skills

He has a great motto "Moving Forward by Taking a Step Back," and is helping mentor families and kids with not only bonding but some basic primitive skills which can come in handy for many things. He has a non-profit geared towards helping others and teaching them some pretty cool things. They do have a GoFundMe page too, and I promise your money is going to a good cause. The GoFundMe page states:

Mission Statement

To inspire is to fill another with intrigue and spark their
desire to do something positive and creative.

As a non-profit, educational organization this is our mission and we dedicate our work to all those who follow in our footsteps

Gettin' Primitive:
Our Intention

Stretching limits, fostering curiosity, confidence and building connections to nature, one’s self and others. Teaching basic wilderness skills and survival, nature mentoring, adventure and creative self-expression in a peer-based community. We draw on the wonder that nature inspires and the innate desire of youth to gain knowledge, express themselves and know their place in the world. These are foundational experiences that open the door to all possibilities; memories that serve well and last a lifetime.
June's event is focused on beginning skills while the July event will be both beginner and intermediate skills.
2016 Camp Dates:

June 24 - 26, 2016 Registration is open
July 22 - 24, 2016 Registration is open

The more kids we can help experience nature the happier we are!  Hopefully we can provide scholarships for 5 kids in each session.

They also have a Facebook page to check out.

Charene Herrera TSM

I met Gary through his stick-bow making. He makes some of the coolest longbows with sticks, which is not easy. He makes them for children and adults. If you were ever thinking of something different for a birthday party or event this is it. Contact Gary Steele at 544-2725 and he will get you any info you need and is great about helping and answering any questions.