This story gives me chills. I can only assume that this was premeditated and that there was some kind of beef with the father. I don't know too many ax-murderers (literally) who would spare the life of the little girl. I can't even imagine the scene.... Just terrifying. Here is the the news story:

KCTR Newsroom - Homicide investigators in Spokane, Washington suspect that a nephew of Montana Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester may have been murdered with an ax in his home, after he told his 8-year-old daughter to stay in his bedroom.  35-year-old Robert Tester was found dead Tuesday morning at 16109 S. Keeney Road in Spangle.  Sen. Tester’s office confirmed the relationship and said that the family would (quote) “prefer privacy during this difficult time.”

Robert Tester’s 8-year-old daughter told Spokane County sheriff’s deputies that she was in bed with her father when a man entered the home and awakened them, wielding what she described as “a sword and a knife,” according to court documents.  She reportedly said the man told her to stay in bed because he was going to kill her dad.  She likely didn’t witness the killing, but court documents state that she called her grandmother to report his death.