I really don't think any place in God's Country is underrated. 

The website Thrillist just did a new study showing the most underrated cities in each state. For Montana they chose Bozeman... now many people in Missoula would beg to differ as the instate rival of Bozeman but Thrillist did put Bozeman on the "best places to move to in America" list as well as naming it the most underrated city in Montana.

They mention the small airport being a reason some travelers may underrate this great place in God's Country. But the proximity to both National Parks, the museum and culture as well as the geography makes this spot an unknown hot spot. They also give a shout out to Cosmic Pizza.

Having lived in Bozeman I would say it's underrated as far as being compared to Billings, or Missoula but the whole state can be considered underrated if compared to bigger cities and we like it that way.

I feel like a few cities meet the criteria that they used to name Bozeman the most underrated city in Montana...

Check out the full list below.