The news story and then my thoughts.

KCTR Local News - A 25-year-old mother told police she was on her way to get baby formula when she was pulled over for drunken driving at about 1:30 AM on Thursday. Her child was in the back seat of the vehicle at the time.  Alexis Clovis faces a felony charge of criminal endangerment, as well as misdemeanor counts of Driving Under the Influence, driving with a suspended license and driving without insurance. She appeared in Yellowstone County Justice Court Thursday.

Police stopped Clovis her for speeding and driving erratically. She exhibited slurred speech and there were several empty beer cans in the car.  Clovis failed a field sobriety test and refused to give a breath sample. She was arrested and called a friend to pick up the child.  DUI conviction in this case would be the third for Clovis. She is scheduled to appear in Yellowstone County District Court on Aug. 10.


OH. MY. GOD. This woman now has three, count them THREE DUI convictions, was driving with a suspended license and doesn't have insurance WITH her child in the car, lets not forget that. I could seriously go off... How is this woman 1. still driving 2. allowed to own an automobile and 3. still parenting this child?! I feel like maybe she doesn't have her s*#+ together and needs some time to get that all figured out.  There are so many things wrong here.

This mother is only 25-years-old and already has this many things on her record. Please tell me there is a home or program out there for her to get some help and to get her life turned around because at this point it's not looking so good. The choice to drink and drive is already a dumb one and if you want to get yourself killed, go for it, but to put your baby in the backseat and subject him or her to the same fate? Not cool.  I also feel like going out alone with a baby at 1:30 AM isn't the safest idea, either.  Then there's the suspended license (which I'm sure is a result of the last DUI) and NO insurance. If for some reason her and I got in an accident, she would have had no way to pay for the damages to my car. I would of had to pick up the bill and premium on my insurance myself.

Please, please, please... Don't endanger your kids, don't drive drunk or without a license/insurance. Someone innocent is bound to get hurt and that's selfish and unfair.