It's freezing outside, literally and it's not giving up. There is a winter weather storm watch starting tonight and going through Friday and Billings could see 10 inches of snow in that time! All I can think to do it grab some hot cocoa and go home to my favorite blanket and watch 'Elf' for the 90th time this week!

Hot chocolate isn't as easy as one might think. Some coffee shops add water, some use steamed milk and some use flavors to add some zing, like peppermint! I've purchased cocoa at quite a few places in town so here are my picks for the best place to get a cup of chocolate joy!

1. Starbucks - Yes, I know there are a lot of local places to get a cup but I just love however they do it and I add peppermint for some extra oomph!

2. City Brew - I don't know if their chocolate has crack in it but it is seriously SO good!

3. Mountain Mudd - I like the little stand out by zoo drive kind of in the middle of the field! The gals there are always so nice and they always get it to the right temp so I can drink it right away!

4. Rock Creek Coffee Roasters - Not only is the hot chocolate amazing but so are the pastries and goodies!

5. The Divide Bar & Grill - I get it with a shot of Bailey's. AMAZING!