Dear Santa,

First I have to ask, "Has 2016 been as weird as the rest of the world up at the North Pole?"

Of course I have a few materialist things on my Christmas list this year like wool socks because Montana winters are NO JOKE but as I get older, I just don't care about those things anymore. I read the news everyday and see people in my community that are struggling to get by and I'm asking you, Santa, what can I do to help them? Can you help them?

There are so many broken families, so many who are struggling with addiction and many who don't have a home or a job or a family. There are children who aren't getting proper nutrition or health care. Men and women who are living paycheck to paycheck wondering how they are going to pay for rent and food. Life shouldn't be like this; it can't be. There are so many people around the world who are living life in excess and although I don't believe it is those people's responsibility to take care of these issues, I do believe that some people have been blessed with extra so that they can bless those who don't.

Santa, I don't have a lot of extra to give, but I want to help. I want to volunteer my time which I know is just as valuable. I want other people in my community to want to volunteer also and be the change for a community that so badly needs it. I know that there are people all over the world who have it worse than some folks in Billings but if we don't start in our own communities then what good are we doing?

With 2017 around the corner, Santa, do you think you could change people's hearts? I think that so many people are hardened to all the ciaos going on around them and in the world that it just seems impossible to be happy. Maybe, people who disagree about life, religion, politics, etc, could come together on the same basis that people all around us need help and that help doesn't come in a political or cultural box? It comes from a place of selflessness. And I know selflessness leads to happiness.

One more thing Santa.... Would you give people a little bit a courage? The courage to stop and help. The courage to ask the right questions. The courage to go volunteer. The courage to say hello. The courage to try to understand. I think a little courage and little kindness can go a long way.

Be safe this Christmas Eve and I apologize in advance for the gluten free cookies :)

Thank you, Santa.


PS... Send extra gifts, cookies and love to those men and women serving overseas who will be away from family this Christmas!