So I went to Red Lodge to get out of town for a while and explore our beautiful state and found the most amazing thing ever in Red Lodge, Montana.  The Montana Candy Emporium!

I think of myself as a reasonably mature person (I said "reasonably") and I don't get very excited over things that are from my childhood, or very often anyways.  I apparently still like candy though and I apparently like this huge beautiful store that had rows and rows of saltwater taffy, gummy worms and the like.

At the entrance it seems like a small and quaint little candy store, with homemade fudge and cookies and a bit of candy.  Well, I was partially right.  Once you make your way to the back the entire place opens up to the rows and rows of  candy.  Some of which I haven't seen in years. I grabbed a paper bag and began to fill it up immediately.  Without one single hesitation!

All of this happened by pure chance.  Going on a random road trip, walking down the street in Red Lodge and entering into this amazing candy land.  Has that ever happened to you?  When you go exploring in an area that you think you know well only to be completely surprised by what you find?  Where at? Comment below and let me know!