ZooMontana announced today (10/18) that they've received a sweet new tour bus. Ok, so maybe it's more of a tour cart, but still... it's pretty awesome. The new tour bus was generously donated by GFWC Billings Junior Woman's Club.

Photo provided by ZooMontana

The high-tech bus is loaded with features.

Just small enough to fit the narrow pathways that meander throughout the exhibits at the Zoo, the new tour vehicle seats up to 12 passengers. The electric vehicle is complete with solar panels on the roof for supplemental charging and features a PA and a cooling system for passenger comfort. The tiger-striped graphic wrap is a nice touch. ZooMontana Execute Director Jeff Ewalt said in a press release,

The final product is a testament to the incredible generosity and commitment the GFWC Billings Junior Woman’s Club has to ZooMontana and the community.  We will be forever grateful.

The new tour bus will allow easier access to the Zoo for Seniors and handi-capable passengers. Tours can be booked by calling ZooMontana at 406-652-8100

Image provided by ZooMontana

New waterfowl refuge at ZooMontnaa receives a $200,000 grant.

In other Zoo news, late last week Ewalt announced they have received a $200,000 grant from the Sunderland Foundation. This completes fundraising efforts for a $1.1 million project called the Foster Waterfowl Refuge.

The area of land roughly located between the Otter Exhibit and the Bear Exhibit has been underutilized (and a bit of an eyesore) for years. Kick-started by a donation from Billings resident Cynthia Fowler, this project will be the largest improvement at ZooMontana since 2008. Ewalt said construction is slated to begin this fall and should be complete by mid-2022.

Image provided by ZooMontana

Have some fall fun at the Zoo!

After a roasting-hot summer, now is a great time to enjoy the cooler temperatures at ZooMontana. Fall hours are 10 am to 3 pm, Mon - Fri (last admittance at 2 pm) and 10 am to 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday (last admittance at 4 pm). Check out their spooky Sleepy Hollow Haunted Wagon Rides now through October 30th.

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