Nick Cannon’s latest song “Oh Well” takes aim at an unnamed ex and fires multiple shots over the course of its four minutes and 11 seconds. Considering his most famous ex is former wife Mariah Carey, it’s understandable that her fans may take offense, believing the track is geared toward Carey. The only problem is that assumption is totally false, says Cannon.

The rapper refuted claims that “Oh Well” is about Carey via Twitter, saying his diss tracks would only ever target the government.

“Sorry to disappoint the bottom feeders,” he wrote. “But you won’t be hearing any diss records from me unless it’s about the GOVERNMENT!”

In fact, things between Cannon and Carey are totally fine, says Nick. The song's lyrics (which include: “I still feel bitter about it, you leaving the house” as well as the searing: “Our relationship was a lie”) must be about someone else — if they’re about another person at all.

"How many times do I have to reiterate @MariahCarey and I are super cool!” he continued. "Stop trying to create negativity, we will never subscribe to it. We are both VERY happy and have both moved on, so all the outlets reaching for gossip, it's not 2014 anymore. Do your jobs better!"

To her credit, Carey seems unbothered by the track and the rumors. That's likely because she's currently focusing on her Sweet Fantasy Tour as well as the development of her upcoming docu-series, entitled Mariah's World.

Listen to "Oh Well" above and let us know who you think Cannon could possibly be singing about.

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