Talk about tons of fun this last weekend!  The PopCrush 97-1 and our sister station's crew ended up out on the town on Saturday night and things got a little crazy.

It all began at the Stampede Bar's Street Dance to benefit the American Cancer Society.  We had to work for part of it(we broadcast live from there) but then after that we were able to join in the party.  Which of course was tons of fun.  As you can probably see in the pictures, things were getting a little rowdy. But then all good times tend too! But no one rode the mechanical bull, which made me a bit sad.

Photo Courtesy of Kim Wiliams

After that, we were off to check out what other things were happening downtown.  And we ended up at the Crystal for Karaoke.  I did not sing.  This I am very thankful for(the crowd should've been thankful as well).

However, my co-workers had no problem busting out all sorts of funny tunes.  I guess the tunes weren't so funny, it was more that they were when they were singing.  I think out of the bunch of us there was only one that could actually carry a tune.  Thank goodness for that!

Photo Courtesy of Kim Williams

So, all in all.  A great time was had by everyone(I'm pretty sure anyways!).  I can hardly wait to see what happens next weekend!  What did you do and where did you go? What did we miss out on?