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Any Big Snows Left Before Spring?
Any big snows left before spring? My prediction is we see another couple of snowy days, but no accumulation above an inch for either. If I'm wrong, I won't feel bad. There are many who go to school for this sort of thing and get it wrong all the time (except for Bob McGuire of course).
Hello Mr. Snow Creature
When Mother Nature gives you roughy 48 inches of snow .. make a snowman, or in this case a snow creature. I think we can all agree that we are about done with all of this snow and are looking forward to spring and warmer temperature. It could be worse, we could have the current weather that Denver a…
Try a Little Kindness
Many years ago I ran across a small book titled "Life's Little Instruction Booklet." It was filled with acts of kindness that people should try to do as they go through their life.

Good Samaritans in Montana
I won't say the name of the restaurant, because I don't want to get the guy in trouble, but on Sunday, I went to meet some family for dinner. About 10 seconds after I arrived I realized that I had left my wallet at home.

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