What does being $53 million in debt feel like? Don't know personally (and lets get real, probably never will), but according to Kanye West, it's not great. Fortunately, the man has options.

The rapper, who has a reported net worth of $145 million, appealed to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter earlier this week to help him overcome his staggering "personal debt." While Zuckerberg has yet to respond publicly to the plea [ed note: Aside from 'liking' a joke about it on Facebook], the Philadelphia police department has seized the opportunity to promote their careers department by offering West a job on the force.

On Thursday morning, the Philadelphia police tweeted to the rapper, joking that they are hiring and that a salary with the department starts at $47,920. They also shared that with such an income, West could be out of debt by the year 3122. Not bad!

In addition, Philly's finest also shared a Photoshop edit of the Yeezy designer posing in a police officer's uniform. If you couldn't envision West in a blue collar government job before, now you can! See below:

Unfortunately, despite the tweet being an obvious joke at West's (expensive) expense, some on Twitter didn't quite get that the "job offer" was all in good fun:

Some were even annoyed at the joke, (understandably, in the case of the guy below) encouraging the Philadelphia police department to get back to work:

Meanwhile others, like this enterprising young lady, just wanted to know who the fine real life officer in the photo they posted is:

Come to think of it, I second Victoria's question. Uh, call me?

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