Another great weekend in Montana! This time I ventured out of town about 3 hours to go camping. It was a wet weekend as far as Saturday went but I still had a blast.

I started out late on Friday and was almost worried about finding the camping spot as it is out of service. I was worried I wouldn't find it but I luckily was able to and rolled in about midnight on Friday.

My buddy Jeff who works out in the woods for a living was there and ready with the fire. He didn't have the easiest day getting there as he had a flat tire. We ended up taking the tire in to town on Saturday to try to find someone to fix it ( not easy in a small town).

The weather was not great at all on Saturday. It started out soggy and wet. Pretty rainy throughout the day and thunder and lightning as well towards the evening. We decided to wait to fish till the next day.

Jeff ended up finding some huckleberries, which were great with breakfast. From coffee by the fire to the beautiful scenery, another great weekend in God's Country.


    Winter Fly Fishing