I just got from some travels to the Emerald city and what a fun weekend it was. Seattle is a fun city that isn't too overwhelming.

So here are the questions most people ask

Best food: 

Well that is a toss up between the clam chowder at the Crab Pot and the actual Crab Legs at Blue Acres downtown Seattle

Best entertainment: 

Well it had to be either the street performers, all the navy boys or watching the rickshaws weave through traffic on the streets and sidewalks!

Best Drink: 

Sluggers and the Caesar that took forever for me to find!

Best View: 

From our hotel room, 18th floor of the Motif.

Seattle is a fun city and not too big. It was Seafair weekend. The place was busy but we didn't have trouble getting into a place. We got the best luck and had good seats in all the places we went.

Pikes place of course is just cool but so are some of the small shops and boutiques.



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