By now, the initial shock of Zayn Malik's departure from One Direction has worn off, and his upcoming debut solo single "Pillow Talk," which promises to be about "raw and dirty" sex (!), is just a few days away (January 29) from hitting our ears for the first time.

But apart from Zayn's decision to embark on his own journey to make the #realmusic he wants to hear himself make (as opposed to the band's indie rock sensibility, which he doesn't "f--k with"), there are still four members of the band left to dabble in their own musical desires as 1D heads into their indefinite hiatus.

Let's consider each one.

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There's new daddy Louis Tomlinson (congratulations!), who already revealed he's launching a label imprint alongside his old X Factor UK buddy, Simon Cowell. “I’ve got a little label imprint so I’m trying to work with that at the moment. I’m lucky enough to be working with Simon [Cowell]. We’ve got a few different projects going on at the moment, one of which is we’re trying to put a girl band together," he said during a recent Xtra Preview chat. Could he be warming up some solo stuff on the side?

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The rumblings behind a solo Harry Styles are already strong: Several songs have already showed up in the PRS Song Publishing Database with Harry's name listed as a co-writer, suggesting he's either working as a songwriter or silently embarking on solo material. And he's got fans in high places: TIDAL founder Jay Z said to Daily Star Sunday he could make Styles “the biggest artist in the world” on his own.

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As for Niall Horan? There've been less rumblings of anything solo in the works for Niall, although he has been getting close with newfound friend Selena Gomez in the past weeks. Perhaps a sweet, sweet duet between the two could be the one to launch his solo career? That, or maybe there's a James Bond leading role and/or theme song in his future.

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And finally, there's Liam Payne. He's already gotten started with this solo thing — "for fun," of course — by penning a hip-hop-tinged tune and posting a preview on Instagram. And let's not forget his budding career as a producer, AKA DJ Payno: Liam's remixed several One Direction songs, as well as Cheryl's "I Don't Care."

So, between all the 1D boys, who do you think has the best chance of going solo next? And who do you want to hear solo stuff from the most?

Place your vote below. This poll will close on January 31 at 5 PM ET.

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