I really don't have high expectations for winning the BIG Powerball jackpot. But, if I do, you can bet that I will be rubbing it in everybody's faces. Still, the odds are 1:292 million that I will win. However, I am holding out hope in becoming a millionaire. Those odds are a little better. Heck, I would be happy with winning $10. Your odds of winning a runner up prize are far better than scoring the jackpot, and it could still make you a millionaire.

According to ABC News
Lottery organizers announced on their website that there were people who won money in every participating state, and there were 28 people who had all five white ball numbers. Of those, 25 people took home $1 million and three had chosen the Power Play option, so they won $2 million.

There were 451 others who had four white balls and the Powerball, with 396 people taking home $50,000 and 55 people who won $100,000 because of Power Play.

In total, $159,080,965 in prize money was handed out this weekend after Saturday night's drawing.

Source: powerball.com