Many people know of some of the harshness that is Montana in the winter and the crazy weather year-round. Recently Montana Mint did a cool write up "Five Facts that Prove Montana Weather is Insane." 

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

1. Montana was recently colder then Mars. Yes, on January 6, 2015, Montana got colder than the red planet. Wind and windchill froze the Big Sky State.

2. Montana has experienced hurricane-like winds with not being near the ocean. "In 1989, things got ridiculous.  Because of an arctic air mass Shelby saw winds of 100 mph, Cut Bank saw 102, Augusta 114, Browning 117 and Cut Bank saw winds of 124 mph". Missoula recently saw hurricane like winds just this summer.

3. Montana has seen the temperature change 47 degrees in 7 minutes. It was in Great Falls, the day started out with a chilly -32 degrees then in seven minutes, it rose to 15 degrees. It was an arctic Chinook wind. According to Montana Mint it is the most rapid air change in the recorded history of the entire United States.

4. Montana also saw a drop of 84 degrees -- in 12 hours. This was in Fairfield,

5. Montana has the biggest range of hot to cold temperatures in the country. In 1937, Montana recorded the hottest temperate it ever recorded when it reached 117 degrees in Medicine Lake then In 1954, Rogers Pass was a frigid -70 degrees. This makes it the all-time temperature range recorded in Montana 187 degrees.