I took this pic yesterday in my backyard, and before you get mad and accuse me of click baiting, let me explain why I'm posting it.

First off, I typically can't stand these deer because they chew up everything I try to grow; however, I can't deny that seeing some spotted fawn playing around in the backyard doesn't give me a peaceful, country feeling in the midst of the city.

I took a couple of pics, one of which is the one shown here of the fawn nursing. As a few people at work were looking at it today, someone made the comment "that's the only things that should be breastfeeding in public...animals." I thought it was just supposed to be some kind of a crude joke, but he was dead serious.

I honestly don't see what the big deal is. I mean, if you're a woman and choose not to do it in public (or not to breast feed for that matter), that's fine too, but how can someone call it "offensive".

I'm sure I will get some people who are upset by this and maybe even a few nasty pm's about decency, but I honestly don't get it. It doesn't surprise me as much coming from a guy, but there are other women who are calling this indecent.  If you're a woman who is offended by other women breastfeeding in public, please leave a comment and explain your thinking.