Downtown Billings really is the heart of our town. Shops, art, food, concerts, bars, activities, parades, Alive After 5, Farmers Market, and the list could go on and on. It is so great to watch how far downtown has come since I was a kid. I remember when Hart Albin was downtown and I got my first London Fog coat. That was a big deal it was a fancy brand. Also it was super 90's hot pink and green with some splashes of yellow here and there. I also got my hair cut there for years. It was awesome. Anyway I was little enough I remember falling up/down the stairs at the store and it was no biggie. Now if you are an adult and fall going up then roll down that is a different story. Unless you are me....You would be so embarrassed right! I was just so excited I WAS SHOPPING DOWNTOWN!

Fast forward to today and the shopping is unreal down here. Like I said it is amazing to watch Billings I guess one could say grow up as we all do. It is changing and for the better. So When I heard about this event of Rally The Alley I knew right away it would be a slam dunk with our community. This is happening Saturday August 18th. (So this Saturday) starting at 10 am in the alley behind the Babcock Theatre and The Big Dipper. There will be free drinks and snacks as they put up a new beautiful mural. You can look forward to seeing work by Chance Robinson and Corey Young. They say many more murals are to come! Billings will be so pretty and clean! I saw that there are others around town painting up a storm as well. Check out one of the parking garages today I saw! Hint it is by the stations but not the one attached to us!