Are you kidding me? Leggings and yoga pants are basically my only pants in the winter! They are perfect under sweaters and dresses. Plus they are thick and the one's I get are fleece lined. So, it's kinda like wearing sweats, but not!

I have read some article about the situation that had originally come up back in February 2015. But since I am new here, I am beginning to find things that have happened and I have to talk to someone about it all! Some claim it was a joke but seriously almost happened. Representative David Moore proposed the bill at a House Committee. It would have gone under the 'public indecency' law.

Can you image walking down the street and a cop coming up to you and saying "Um, ma'am... you're wearing yoga pants in public." I would literally laugh out loud.

I can understand when people don't wear something long enough to cover their booty or when the leggings are a little too sheer... But to outlaw all leggings and yoga pants? Luckily, this did not happen and we can all live to tell about it. But seriously, when making my decision to move here had someone told me that yoga pants were banned I may not be sitting here writing about it!