iPhone 6 Plus.... You were so good to me. You never broke when I dropped you. You never fell in a toilet out of my pants pocket and you manager to never get stolen. Although you are slightly too big for my small hands, it's okay, I'll just text with two hands.  I love that you are white and gold in color but I feel that something more sleek and sexy is where I'm going.  The bargain of your price at the 16GB storage was a steal at the time but no one told me that I would try to take pictures and constantly get the 'Storage Full' error message.

As always, all good things must come to an end. But thank you for catching all my favorite moments in the last two years. It's not you I promise, it's me.

With that said.... iPhone 7 Plus... Hello, it's me.  I've been waiting for your arrival since Sept 9th! I've been imagining all the awesome photo's that I will get to take with your new camera and how many hours I will get to spend sparing at them on the new screen.  Oh, and how many videos and pictures will get to be stored on your 128GB storage! Plus, you're waterproof... genius! Today at AT&T you will be activated and all mine!