My cousin is going into junior high at Castle Rock for the first time so for his birthday I want to get him some stuff he may need as a first timer in junior high. I need some help though.

At first I'm trying to think back to what we liked as far as cool locker stuff, and school supplies. As far as I remember we had stickers and locker hangers plus things like trapper keepers and book covers...I have a feeling times have changed.

We are a big Pittsburgh Steelers family so I found a Pittsburgh locker kit with some folders, rulers and locker decals. I am not sure can you stick stickers on there? Or not anymore? I need help. If you have any cool ideas on fun locker/school stuff for a 13 year old boy it would be much appreciated it.

As far as him having the jitters he's excited and scared he says. Excited to make new friends and scared that he has multiple classes in different parts of the school. He will make new friends and have a blast, I'm sure.