Sure, Selena Gomez may in the the throes of success with her most recent album, the hit-spawning Revival, but that doesn't mean the pop princess can't start thinking about her next record.

Despite Revival's chart-topping success, the former Disney darling may already be sick of that same old sound and is ready for a different beat. In a new interview with BBC Radio 1, the admittedly jetlagged "Hands To Myself" songstress revealed her studio collaboration bucket list: "There’s tons of people I admire and would love to work with. I love M.I.A., I love Pharrell, I love Abel—The Weeknd.

“I don’t know," she continued. "I don’t have anything in mind at the moment, I’m just starting to record the new record. So we’ll figure it out.” The triple threat remains realistic.

Of a potential team-up with M.I.A., Gomez added somewhat realistically, "That one would probably be difficult. I doubt she even knows who I am. But I think it has to be organic or it doesn’t really work. So if another artist appreciates the song—everybody that I’ve had featured, they love the music and that's most important."

In addition to revealing her wish-list, the singer also shared that she has, indeed, walked out of writing sessions that weren't working before: "Yeah, of course, and maybe not with an artist but even just with writers or producers... If you don't really have that energy, sometimes it can be a little disappointing. I've walked out of sessions for sure... I'll do my job, I'll be nice. And maybe I just didn't feel it. It's not a bad thing! It's just certain people gel with each other and certain people don't."

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