Selena Gomez lived the fear of claustrophobics everywhere yesterday (March 8) when she found herself trapped in an immobile Paris elevator.

Thankfully, Selena took a brief, 19-second video of the misadventure and posted it to Twitter, sharing the harrowing moments just before her narrow escape with her 40 million followers.

In the video, Selena -- a scientist when she’s not singing, acting or shilling Pantene products -- tells a fellow occupant: “If we keep talking, the oxygen…” before a hero man pries open the elevator doors, freeing all those trapped in its confines.

Selena's newfound freedom comes just before she's set to embark on her upcoming Revival Tour across North America — good news for her career, but the timing of her rescue cuts her off mid-oxygen talk. What, exactly, would've happened to the oxygen if you kept talking, Selena? We will likely never know how she would've completed that sentence.

Speaking of endings, did you know Selena's ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber is afraid of elevators? Below is an old video of the "Sorry" singer, wild-eyed after a similar incident left him also trapped inside an elevator, though he handled the situation with considerably less finesse than Selena as he used up the group's limited oxygen supply to scream into the void: "Is there anyone out there getting help? Is there anyone out there helping!?"

The answer, as it so often is with celebrities, was yes.

Have you ever been trapped in an elevator? Do you fear being gruesomely torn apart by an elevator in a freak accident every time you rush into one? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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