Corporal Punishment is not permitted in Montana and hasn't been for a number of years.  There was a push to get it back in 1997, but the measure was defeated.  Most parents it seems, even the ones who still spank their kids, don't believe the schools should have that kind of power.

Growing up in the south, I had my share of paddlings in school and at home.  I know there are many psychologists and parenting pro's who say it's not an effective deterrent, but it sure as hell was for me.  There were plenty of times where I made the choice not to do something that I knew I would get in trouble for just because I didn't want to get "three licks" with the paddle.  Granted, it was only really effective through about the sixth grade, but it seemed to work on us boys (I can't remember a girl ever getting paddled).

That probably makes me sound 100 years old, but my school is actually still at it.  They gave out 146 paddlings last year.

Now that I'm a dad, I'm not sure how I feel about corporal punishment.  My parents didn't seem to have an issue with me getting paddled at school.  As a matter of fact, coming home and telling your mom that you got paddled at school was just as bad as coming home with a bad report card.  In other words, I got in trouble again.

I would think there is at least a teacher or two out there who miss wielding that mighty wooden sword and watching the kids go silent.

If it was on a case by case basis, would you give your kid's teachers permission to spank them?