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Get Tested- 3 STDs Hit New Highs in US
This isn't a sexy topic, but this sex topic is a necessary topic. When's the last time you were tested? Depending on your lifestyle, doing it yearly at your annual check-ups may not be enough. Some new stats came out and three STDs are at an all-time high.

Facebook Testing Hiding 'Likes' on Posts
I won't be mad if likes go away. I think it will actually help a lot of people. The only thing I'll be upset about- not being able to check your baes 'likes' and seeing if that one girl you've been keeping tabs on has liked his post or not.

Inclusive Playground Opens At Rose Park
Back in January of this year, the Rose Park PTA still needed to raise around $80,000 to complete an inclusive playground next to the school. But the generous Billings community stepped up with donations both large and small.