Just to be upfront with you, we are not putting our tree up yet at our house. It's far too early. My wife loves decorating for the holidays, and even she thinks any normal, sane individual should wait until Thanksgiving weekend (at minimum) to put up the tree. I may get a jump start on the outdoor lighting this weekend, hoping to take advantage of the nice weather. Otherwise... no Christmas is going up at our house for a least a couple of weeks. That said, with tree time right around the corner, we have discussed ordering a new fake tree to replace our current one.

Some people prefer a real tree. The tree lots around town will be popping up soon. Others enjoy cutting their own. The experience of taking the family out to the Custer National Forest to cut one down can be memorable. Tree permits are available starting November 14, with details HERE. Stop by Red Lodge on the way back into town for some hot toddies or Christmas Strolling. I agree, that is pretty fun. And it's tough to beat the fresh piney smell of a real tree. But we've always rocked a fake tree at my house, and here's why:

  1. I can re-use it for years. Shove it back in the box (sometime in mid January) and it's good to go till next Christmas. What do real trees go for nowadays? $40 - $75 for a decent one? I can get a decent fake tree for like $100 that will last for years.
  2. They don't drop needles. Biggest peeve of a real tree.
  3. They're less of a fire hazard. No matter how much you properly water a real tree, they always dry out. See number 2.
  4. They're available pre-lit. This is such a nice feature. No hassles dealing with tangled up bundles of lights. Just snap the tree segments together and plug it in.
  5. Sizing and styles. Real trees are sometimes too big. You get it home, cut the strings, and suddenly that tree you thought would fit your spot in the living room is much bigger than you thought it would be. Think Griswold. With fake trees, you can get a tall skinny one! Or a little 3 footer. Whatever. They make them in every shape, style, size and budget.
  6. They look better. I know this is subjective, but a lot of the trees you cut yourself in the forest are pretty thin looking. Sometimes the ones from the tree lots have weird flat spots or empty spaces. A fake tree is always perfectly shaped.

Take our poll and let us know if you prefer REAL or FAKE.