After years of releasing mixtapes and EPs, Harlem-bred star on the rise Skizzy Mars is now just one week away from touching down with his debut album, Alone Together, out April 8.

As it turns out, Skizzy's got a thing for collaborating with pop queens that we love, including a feature on PopCrush Presents star Phoebe Ryan's "Mine" and her assist on his own "The City."

Enter our favorite tringle darling and never too little, too late songbird JoJo, who makes a reliably smooth-as-buttah guest appearance on Skizzy's latest release off of Alone Together, "Recognize."

"Baby, if I tell you what I want, don't call me crazy / If I tell you I'm in love, no I ain't playing," she melodically croons across the swoon-filled, seasonally appropriate Michael Keenan and P-Lo-produced cut.

Skizzy's equally smitten: "I love it when we in the club / I love it more when we in the bed / I coulda wrote you a love letter, but I wrote you a song instead," he fires back. That kind of bluntness, much like the production itself, is refreshing.

Buoyed by warm, hazy synths and sexy guitar licks, the feel-good track plays like a springtime or summer sleeper radio hit in the making.

"I hope you recognize a real one when you see one," JoJo urges throughout. A reasonable request, considering JoJo is, in fact, the realest one of them all.