First of all, I'm not really complaining. I have a life that most people would love to have. And a job that is awesome. But, there are times when the old daily grind gets you down.

Even though the weather is absolutely gorgeous, I'm thinking ahead to political advertising season. Hate it. Absolutely hate everything about it.

A couple of things to know. Political ads get the lowest rate or best price allowable on every radio and TV station that they advertise on. They passed the law so they could do that. Isn't that convenient? Also, for a few years, the law read that you couldn't play political advertisements on Election Day. I wish that one was still in place. But, I also wish there was some basic political knowledge test for every voter.

But, the ads are coming. Sooner rather than later. If you've ever seen the beginning of "Joe Vs. The Volcano" where Tom Hanks is in a very gray, dank workplace, then you know the feeling. I already know how I'm voting.