I love to fly fish and I think I have done quite a bit of it in the last 4 plus years but this is something I've never seen.

I was fly fishing at dusk on Spring Creek and before the sun went down I did notice a few birds around and those pesky kingfisher birds that eat fish. Well when the sun did start to go down I was still fly fishing and I noticed these things I thought were birds on the water. They were swooping and flying right above the water. I thought they were swallow like birds.

Then I notice they aren't birds at all.. they were BATS! Yes bats on the water which I had never seen, and I have fished at dusk a lot but never before have I seen bats before or at least I thought they were bats.

Yes Bats swooping and feeding on the bugs on the water surface! Scary little nasty things. I guess we actually have a lot of different kinds of bats here.

Have you ever been fishing at dusk and had the bats out and about?

Charene Herrera TSM

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