The search is on for space rocks in the Montana area. So far about six have recently been found. A professional collector of other-worldy stones is currently on a mission to track down some that may have crash landed in our neck of the woods.

By placing ads in local papers around the area, Calvin Duszynski is on a mission for meteorites in Montana. The collector from Calgary has been gathering up alien rocks for nearly 23 years and has only recently been scoring this area for any that have landed here.

How do you know if you personally may have stumbled upon a meteorite? According to

Stone meteorites will generally be black or brown and may have small or low dimples in the surface, similar to a golf ball. Most will have a different colored exterior and interior and most of the time a magnet will have light attraction to the stone because of its iron content.

Iron or stony iron meteorites are much heavier than an ordinary rock of a similar size. They sometimes have a black metallic finish on the outside or a rusted appearance. They will have larger or deeper dimples and a very strong attraction to a magnet.

Now before you attempt to snag some of those rocks to cash in yourself, don't bother. According to many space rock experts, meteorites barely make money in the collectors market.