Pop music expert Spencer Pratt sat down with SPIN for an interview where he spilled the Lemonade (and then some) about his many well-formed and reasonable insights on all things Beyonce, Hilary Duff and Lady Gaga in relation to his wife, one-time The Hills reality star and pop icon Heidi Montag.

According to Pratt, former "singer from Colorado on MySpace" and superstar songwriter Ryan Tedder had once written a "freaking hit" for Montag. But thanks to Duff, he says, the would-be smash song didn't pan out.

"We went to meet [Ryan Tedder] at some hip little spot in Hollywood, and he goes to me, 'I’ve got a hit for you. I’m gonna write you a hit,'" the crystal enthusiast shared. "So he wrote Heidi a freaking hit. It was called 'Reach Out and Touch Me'...Heidi was recording it, and then all of a sudden Hilary Duff came out of nowhere and offered a fat check for the song when the guy needed money. She ended up putting that song out."

(Note: The song was actually called "Reach Out" and it was by no stretch of the imagination a "freaking hit." Moving on...)

Unfortunately for Montag's musical aspirations, the hits kept on coming (pun intended). As Pratt recalled, his "least favorite" artist, Gaga, was another metaphorical monkey wrench thrown into the gears of his wife's otherwise flourishing (???) career.

"She was not even Lady Gaga yet, and she wrote a song with RedOne. RedOne gave it to Heidi and they put it out and everything," he revealed to the publication, weaving a dramatic tale of pop betrayal. "And then when it was on The View and getting all this press because Heidi had her Heidi fashion show, and the song 'Fashion' playing, all of sudden Lady Gaga freaked out, called RedOne. 'That’s my song! I wanted that!'...Whatever though, her last album flopped, so she got her kaaaa-karma."

Pratt's diatribe against "this songwriter" Gaga didn't end at perceived karmic retribution.

"She’s such a fraud and it’s so frustrating," he continued. "It’s like, you were so edgy and creative and now you’re so glamorous and classy and ride horses in Malibu and date the most atypical stud and ride around on the back of a motorcycle with Bradley Cooper. It’s like, where are all your monsters? Give me a break."

Despite the resentment, when asked if the pair were still pursuing Heidi's pop star career, Pratt admitted defeat for his Christian music-loving better-half.

"No," he said. "We have accepted that Heidi’s music career is gonna be in heaven forever."

While the two may have left the Superficial glitz of pop stardom long behind them, they do know a thing or two about having their "marriage dissected in the press," according to SPIN. That said, Pratt's professional opinion on the cultural juggernaut that is Beyonce's Lemonade should come as no surprise.

"I think it’s the most obvious marketing hustle stunt on the whole planet. I mean, everybody knows that. Everyone just loves anything Beyonce and Jay Z. They want to play along, but I don’t believe that one bit," the former MTV star dished.

So far, no comment from the BeyHive, Little Monsters, or whatever Duff's fans call themselves.

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