The term "Super Lice" has been given to a strain of lice that apparently have a mutation making them resistant to the typical over the counter treatments.  They're no more of a health threat than regular lice, but they can be quite a bit more difficult to get rid of.  Instead of using a shampoo treatment and calling it good, you'll actually need to use a lice comb and "pick the nits" (eggs) off of the scalp completely.  Vacuuming, cleaning furniture, washing towels, etc. will have to be done too.

The best defense is the same as it's always been - try to avoid them.  Your kids can't avoid every possible scenario (like school bus seats), but make sure they know not to share brushes, combs, hats, or anything else that covers their head with other kids as these are some of the most common ways that lice are spread.

If you do find yourself itchy and can't seem to get rid of them on your own, there are professional treatment options you can explore - like having them removed with a dryer.