If there is anything in the world that I cannot fathom, it would be dinosaurs. Not necessarily their existence but their size! The only animal that is currently living on earth that I think comes within similar size is like a gray whale or whale shark. There aren't any land animals currently living that have a 4 ft head! Probably a good thing... But can you image uncovering such a piece of history?! Here is the full story:

KCTR Newsroom - Montana can lay claim to a remarkable archaeological find, that also happens to be very cool. The new Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil, nicknamed Tufts-Love Rex was discovered in Montana’s Hell Creek Formation with about 20 percent of its former body intact, including a very well-preserved skull. The T. Rex was found by paleontologists from Burke Museum and the University of Washington in Montana’s famous dinosaur-fossil haven.

The name is in honor of the volunteer paleontologists who first noticed bones jutting out of a hillside: Burke Museum’s Jason Love and Luke Tufts.  The researchers say they were able to unearth roughly a fifth of the animal, including ribs, hips, jaw bones and vertebrae.
So far, the scientists can see the right side of the skull — which is about 4 feet long from base to snout, including teeth.  They estimate that the T. Rex was 15 years old when it died.