Where Were You 9-11-01?
I cannot believe it has already been 16 years since the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington D.C.
The number of lives lost that day and how it is still sobering... the older I get the more I feel the pain of that day. I was only 12-years-old and in the 7th grade...
The 10 Coziest Towns in America
There is new research that has recently discovered the ten COZIEST cities in all of America.
All of this is based on stuff like the amount of fireplaces and coffee shops per amount of population. Or something...
Any-who.. here's the top 10:
It's Election Day... Vote!
The most patriotic thing you can do, other than serve in the military, is vote. We are privileged in this country to be able to decide who our leaders are. There are those who want to make it harder for you to vote and would rather you didn't...
Beers We Have Forgotten About
I'm assuming that the U.S. has NOT become more refined when we were not paying attention...more than anything, reality TV shows us that America has become less sophisticated than ever. Still, this list seems to say otherwise.
A webpage known as 24/7 Wall Street analyzed sales of beer and learned that…
Save Money In Montana
Say you just want to grab a sack of groceries to get through the week. How do our prices stack up against other cities across the nation?
Our friends over at put together a visual graph to give you an idea of how we compare:

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