You Can Tell A Lot About Someone by How They Treat Animals
A brief disclaimer before I get into this: I am not an activist, a PETA member (a critic of them in fact), or otherwise. I do not make a cake for my pet's birthday, get him a Christmas present or the like. I believe in the right to hunt and I consume animal flesh on a daily basis. In other w…
My Furry Valentine Is Almost Here!
My Furry Valentine is always such an awesome event to attend! It is a big fundraiser for the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter. The event will feature the local band The Vigilantes this year. If you have not seen them you are missing out they are great...
New Animals Coming To ZooMontana
KCTR Newsroom - There are two new residents in ZooMontana and they the first back since 2012. Meet Sid and Ahmari from Sweden and Norway.  They are wolverines! The two are being housed in separate pens but it doesn't dull the hissing and growling the two animals make...
What is Montana's Coolest Animal ?
This of course is speculation, opinion. If I had to choose one animal from Montana that I thought was the coolest, this is what it would be. I recently have been around someone knowledgeable about these animals and they are fascinating and one of the hardest to hunt for.
We Spend A Lot on Our Pets
We love our pets. And we spend a lot on them. In fact, according to a report from the American Pet Products Association, Americans will spend more than $60 billion on their pets just this year alone.

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