Billings Bacon Fest 2017
Bacon, Bacon, BACON!
Billings Bacon Fest is TODAY from 11am-3pm at the Rimrock Arena at MetraPark.  There’s plenty of room at the table, so if you’re hungry – head down!
Shipton’s Big R Stores & Camp Chef sells our tickets every year a…
Billings Bacon Fest Sneak Peak - Sam & Louie's
Want to know whats better than bacon? NOTHING! That's a stupid question!
Sam & Louie's: Italian Restaurant and New York Pizza will be wowing us with bacon inspired pizzas because obviously the next best thing besides bacon is pizza...wi...
Memories Of Bacon Fest 2015
I had a great time at Billings Bacon Fest and wanted to share some memories from the 2015 edition.
Well over 2,000 were in attendance and at first sight, the crowd was a bit intimidating. Luckily, all of the vendors were seasoned pros, ready to deal with a hungry crowd...
The Beginner's Guide To Bacon Fest: What Is It?
Bacon Fest 2015 is being held at The Rimrock Auto Arena, much larger than the previous year's venue. We will undoubtedly see many new faces this year as people experience Bacon Fest for the first time.
I have had some people ask what exactly they can expect from the event and I thought I'd offer a fe…
Five Bacon Inspired Desserts You Should Try
With Bacon Fest just a month away, November 14th, I thought I'd do some digging around the net for some easy bacon desserts to whet your appetite. I'll give you a rundown of the ingredients here and if you think they will add up to deliciousness, you can click the link to get the photos an…
Forget the BLT, the BAT is Better
I'm not a huge fan of lettuce, so this is most definitely a biased review, but I say you should upgrade that B.L.T. Ditch the lettuce and go with avocado. I understand this recipe won't win me a spot in this year's Bacon Fest, but it's sound advice nonetheless...
Live Longer With Bacon
I love bacon and recently I was told it's not good for me to eat bacon everyday, well It appears that the fountain of youth may come with a side of bacon.
Pie Guys Pizzeria Sign On For Billings Baconfest!
The Pie Guys are bringing Bacon Pizza to Baconfest. Consistently rated the top pizzeria in Billings, Pie Guys have received a 95% like it score from diners on Urbanspoon along with some of the following reviews:
"So badass. Some of the best pizza this town's seen...
Bacon... The Most Versatile Meat On Earth!
There are so many festivals and so many meats so why did we pick bacon to create a festival around? The answer is because bacon is the most versatile meat ever. Let me illustrate:
1. Bacon as a noun... "I love bacon". Definition: What pigs are made of (close enough)...

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