Live Longer With Bacon
I love bacon and recently I was told it's not good for me to eat bacon everyday, well It appears that the fountain of youth may come with a side of bacon.
Baconfest Photo Gallery!
Thanks to the nearly 2,000 people who came to Billings Baconfest on Saturday! We collected over a TON of food for The Billings Food Bank. Thanks to everyone who attended, our great vendors (many of whom served nearly 2,000 samples), our sponsors and the poor lady at the Bloody Mary bar...
Best of Baconfest Awards
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our awesome vendors who all highlighted the amazing taste of bacon in their unique ways. That said, here are the Baconfest Champions in the following categories:
Most Original: Chef Bill Jensen from the Billings Food Bank Fortin Culinary School for his Bacon…
Pie Guys Pizzeria Sign On For Billings Baconfest!
The Pie Guys are bringing Bacon Pizza to Baconfest. Consistently rated the top pizzeria in Billings, Pie Guys have received a 95% like it score from diners on Urbanspoon along with some of the following reviews:
"So badass. Some of the best pizza this town's seen...
Bacon... The Most Versatile Meat On Earth!
There are so many festivals and so many meats so why did we pick bacon to create a festival around? The answer is because bacon is the most versatile meat ever. Let me illustrate:
1. Bacon as a noun... "I love bacon". Definition: What pigs are made of (close enough)...