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What is Montana's Coolest Animal ?
This of course is speculation, opinion. If I had to choose one animal from Montana that I thought was the coolest, this is what it would be. I recently have been around someone knowledgeable about these animals and they are fascinating and one of the hardest to hunt for.
Pictures from Travis Tritt's Montana Concert
I have been a fan of Travis Tritt's for a long time and every year I normally check in to see if he will be around somewhere I am near and I will be able to see him in concert. Well this was my lucky year as Travis Tritt was playing in Montana.
Uber Looking for Montana Drivers
Well after some road bumps Uber is finally able to launch in Montana. August 5th will see Billings, Montana users being able to utilize Uber. To follow with be Missoula, Bozeman and Great Falls as well as other areas.

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