Crazy Chili Guy Calls Making Threats
This blog is dedicated to the anonymous caller who called Kaitlyn yesterday during her midday show explaining how he was going to destroy us at the chili cook off this month. I know I've perhaps been a little over enthusiastic about the product I'm bringing to the party, but in all fairnes…
Could This Be The Best Chili In Montana?
So I might be the world's greatest food photographer, but trust me - this chili might be the best ever. I've been invited to participate in a chili cook off benefit for Ramsey Keller this January and I have to make sure that I'm up for the challenge...
My Drunk Chili Recipe...Tequila and Cold Smoke Beer
Hmmm chili on a cold day is perfect and why not with a bit of booze too.
Tequila, Cold Smoke and even a little orange juice, makes this chili a bit unusual and drunk.
I used 3 lbs of ground beef.
Brown your ground beef with onions and garlic then add to crock pot or big metal pot
Then add: cayenne peppe…