Missing Laurel Woman
A body was discovered Wednesday evening. Authorities have not yet released the ID of the body and internet speculation is running wild that it could be the body of missing Laurel woman Lori Bray.
Stabbing In Downtown and Headless Body Found
I've constantly heard that Billings is a safe place to live and raise children but between the two recent news stories below, an insane increase in car thefts/break ins and even stuff being stolen in my own neighborhood I am starting to think it's…
My Info Was Stolen In The Equifax Breach
Some attorneys say that the language could mean that you're agreeing to not be part of any class action suit against them. Others say that the language doesn't apply to this particular service and wouldn't be enforceable anyway. If you're concerned, you can contact Montana&apos…
BOLO Issued For Dangerous Offender In Montana
KCTR Newsroom - A BOLO or “be on the lookout” alert has been issued in Montana for a violent offender. The U.S. Marshals Service issued the BOLO for Donald Dills, who is wanted by the US Marshall Service Montana Violent Offender Task Force on a charge of felon in possessi…

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