"Dad Skills" On The Decline
My dad has taught me a lot over the years. He's still better than I am at pretty much all of it, but the basic "dad skill" I have, I owe to him. Apparently, these little things I take for granted are on the decline across the country.
Happy Father's Day To My Dad
Sunday is Father's Day and I have been more than blessed with a Dad who has been in my life, my whole life. I know some don't get the pleasure of knowing their Dad, seeing him often or getting to have a lifetime with him but I'm so thankful that that is my story...
Would You Wear This Swimsuit?
It can be so hard to find a good looking bathing suit for the Summer! It can be even harder to make yourself get in some sort of shape to wear a bathing suit. I personally don't LOL
But, this swimming suit I think can solve all our problems...