Deer Hunting Pic Gets Woman Banned From Tinder
For the hunters out there, this story is already enough to get you "triggered", but it gets worse...apparently, there are thousands of male profiles with similar pictures who have not been reported or flagged as inappropriate. In other words, if you're a lady who enjoys hunting, you …
Tinder Tutorials - What Works?
Kaitlyn is always reading some of her latest Tinder attempts to Jeff and me and some of them are absolutely horrible. I'm not talking horribly cheesy (plenty of those too), I mean straight up raunchy.
What Are Your Dating Deal Breakers?
I know it's technically been Spring for a few weeks now, but it's finally starting to look and feel like Spring. Of course, this means that in addition to the warm temps and lovely scenery, dating season is about to kick in full force. Some of us single people might need a bit of a refresh…
Is There A Double Standard When It Comes To Dating?
An age old topic that gets people real stirred up. Love it!
I was just reading the blog about Jennifer Lopez dating Drake. People, of course, are giving her crap about it because she's the girl and is the older of the two so automatically she becomes a cougar...
Day Dates In Billings
When you are a married couple 'day dates' usually involve meeting up for lunch or grocery shopping at Costco on a Saturday and they usually aren't planned. However, if you are getting to know someone you have feelings for or are dating, the term 'day date' has a whole n…
Best Cities For Singles
Single and ready to mingle this season? There are cities with more singles then otehrs, maybe vacation maybe a move.
You may want to visit one of these cities, which WalletHub has determined are the Best Cities for Singles. Here are the Top 10:

Salt Lake City, Utah
Orlando, Florida
Tempe, Arizona

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