The One Place That Has Worst
I'll be the first to admit that I have said "Billings has the worst drivers." And while there is a ton of evidence and national stories about how bad we are I've got to admit: Billings ISN'T the worst.
Louisiana is. 
If you have ever driven through southern Texas …
Beartooth Highway is Open
Yes! The Montana Department of Transportation should get a medal for their timely deadline! The snowdrifts were up to 40 feet in some places yet crews were able to get the pass open for the Memorial Weekend.
If you are planning on driving the highway just remember that although it is sunny and 70 deg…
The 10 Commandments of Using Roundabouts
Roundabouts. They are the best invention for traffic control, truly. Unfortunately, not everyone knows exactly how to maneuver them. There are so many here in Billings that I figured there has to be some general rules to using said roundabouts...

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