Eight Items to Elevate Your Fall Family Photos
Are you stumped on how to best capture the spirit of the season in your fall photos? Or perhaps you don't have a local pumpkin patch to take photos in? Well, buckle up because I've got a list of props and photography accessories that can help you achieve the perfect fall family photos!
HarvestFest is This Saturday in Billings
October the 14th is almost here! On the last farmers market of the year in downtown Billings there is a Harvest Fest. This is the 14th anniversary of the fall festival and you don't want to miss it! Not only will there be amazing fresh produce, arts and crafts, kids activities, delicious street fair…
What The Heck Are These Bugs?!
Who knows what these are called?
They are all over the windows of the studio and up the sides of the building! When I go outside they are flying around and they are SUPER creepy looking when flying. I'm not a fan. But I've never seen these bugs before and I'm wondering if they only com…

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