Billings Pools Open Next Week
On Wednesday, June 5th, both Rose Park and South Park pools will be open for business. Cheap fun and healthy exercise (definitely better than sitting on the couch playing Fortnite).
Ultimate Guide To Easter Brunch In Billings
If you haven't made Easter meal plans yet, no worries. We've rounded up the best places to get brunch around Billings. Whether it's celebrating with family or sipping on mimosa's with friends, these spots promise to deliver a great dining experience.
Four Family Vacations for Under $5,000
Family vacations are definitely a luxury, but those lifelong memories are worth it. When I vacation with my daughter, it's just the two of us, but I decided to price some trips out based on a family of four (two adults, two kids) for the destinations below. The prices vary greatly based on th…
This past weekend I went on a very fast trip to see my cousins in Lake Tahoe. I had never been there before and boy oh boy is that place amazing! We went floating, swimming, hiking, and more. On the last day of my vacation we went for a family picnic...
'Annafeld' - Billings Newest Neighborhood Starting August 25
I have never been more excited to write about anything in my life!
Most of you know that my first year here in Billings was spent building a house in Josephine Crossing - the sister neighborhood to Annafeld. I gave you all my updates as I watched them dig a hole, pour a foundation, watched walls go u…
Top Four Independence Day Activities Around the Billings Area
If you aren't planning on leaving town for the long weekend and would rather stay close to Billings for the 4th then these events will be perfect for you and your whole family! Have a safe and happy holiday!

Harvest Church - Castle Rock Park will be rocking again this year for Celebrate Freedom

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