Five Must Have Summer Fashions
Summer is almost here and it's time to get your wardrobe ready as well so you have everything and can just get up and go. Here are five must have summer fashion items for summer 2016.
H&M Grand Opening At Rimrock Mall
Hey, it's your girl J.P. It's not often that you get to skip out on work to attend the grand opening of one of your favorite clothing stores, but today was one of those days! H&M, the Swedish, multinational retail-clothing company, which has over 3,700 locations across the globe, o…
Need a Girl's Night?
Montana fashion week is coming to Billings.Fashion is fun and we hope you can join us for some "you time" ladies. And, fellas, too. Fashion isn't just for women; ask the founder Jean Rojas.
YEE HAW DUDE! Cowboy Boot Sandals?
As far as fashion goes, I'm certainly no expert. But like they say about porn... you know it when you see it... and what I see here is a couture calamity if I've ever seen one!
Redneck Boot Sandals, a company in Missouri says they will take your cowboy boots and turn them into more summer t…

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